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Fines are the most common penalty issued for minor criminal matters. However, Our Young people’s personal circumstances or hardships can make paying a fine difficult or close to impossible. If you cannot pay a penalty notice, court fine, or a victim’s restitution order, you can request a Work and Development Order (WDO). Level Up Youth Services are happy to announce our Partnership with WDO to our Young People who are enrolled into one of our Programs.

What is a Work and Development Order (WDO)?

A WDO allows you to clear or pay off your fine through approved activities such as:

  • unpaid or volunteer work,

  • education or life skills courses,

  • medical, mental health or drug and alcohol treatment,

  • or financial counselling.

Am I eligible for a WDO?

You can apply for a WDO if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • aged under 18;

  • receiving a Centrelink or DVA benefit;

  • have a mental illness, intellectual disability or cognitive impairment;

  • have a serious addiction to drugs, alcohol or volatile substances;

  • experiencing serious financial hardship;

What happens if my WDO activity isn’t working for me?

Revenue NSW can change your WDO if your circumstances change, or you and your approved sponsor agree to include further enforcement orders or add or remove programs.

Revenue NSW may also change or cancel your WDO if:

  • Your finances improve and you no longer fit the eligibility criteria;

  • You do not comply with the WDO; or

  • You provide false or misleading information in your WDO application.


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