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ndis coordination

what is support coordination?

Support Coordinators play a very crucial role in empowering NDIS participants to understand their plans, navigate the complexities of the NDIS, and actively participate in decision-making.

Their primary focus is to build participants' capacity, ensuring alignment with individual goals and budget.

Support Coordinators facilitate connections with therapists and support services, organising and managing services to achieve positive outcomes. Support coordinators will help with different things depending on which level of support coordination you need and what your goals, needs and circumstances are.

  • Assisting in understanding your NDIS plan

  • Planning and coordinating supports

  • Connecting participants with relevant services

  • Establishing and maintaining support networks

  • Reporting to the NDIA

  • Building capacity for independence

  • Preparing for unexpected events

  • Acting in your best interest

  • Level Up Youth Services Specialise in ages 8-25years old.

how a level up support coordinator can help you



In Person

Northern Rd, Narellan.


Over the Phone

0435 910 209

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