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Wiley Fit

Jarrad's passion for helping individuals succeed on their fitness journey is evident in the personalised approach that WileyFit takes with each client. Specialising in 1:1 personal training.Together, Level Up Youth Services and WileyFit are dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential and live healthier, happier lives.

The esthetic skin clinic

The Clinic is a beauty establishment owned and operated by Kristy, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. With a passion for healthy skin. Additionally, The Clinic is a proud partner of the I AM ME Program, a initiative designed to boost self-esteem and provide pampering opportunities for young people. Through this partnership, Kristy strives to empower individuals and promote a sense of self-worth, leaving all Young People feeling rejuvenated and confident. For more information, visit

Caura and Level Up Youth Services have formed a powerful partnership to address the needs of vulnerable young people in the community. 

Caura focuses on providing housing and in-home supports for those who come into their care. Through this partnership, Level Up Youth Services acts as mentors for clients with complex trauma who also receive support from Caura. This collaboration allows for a comprehensive and holistic approach to supporting these young individuals. While Level Up Youth Services primarily focuses on mentoring and support for young people with trauma backgrounds, Caura extends its services to a broader range of clients, offering additional support in areas such as housing, group activities, and in-home assistance.

Caura’s clients encompass a wide spectrum of needs, ranging from high-functioning individuals to those with high physical needs.Together, Caura and Level Up Youth Services work hand in hand to provide opportunities, skills, and support for vulnerable young people, enabling them to actively participate in their social and economic communities. This partnership strives to create a community where all young individuals have the resources they need to thrive and succeed.

One Tribe

One Tribe and Level Up Youth Services have formed a powerful partnership. One Tribe Provide a direct-action response to all aspects of Counselling, Psychotherapy teaching our young people to face their trauma with Courage.

Warrior are not born, they are created…

They are built from the struggle of their pain. They are stronger than the suffering of their experience and the hurt they have endured.

Who is One Tribe? We a small independent company who understand the nature of trauma and the insidious nature of suffering on the mind, the body, and the spirit. 

ONE Tribe is a place for warriors to rest and heal their injured spirits, to be guided and held in strong supportive arms as they undertake the arduous journey of reclaiming their lost or stolen selves.

Sharing knowledge is not enough. Learning life skills is not enough – we must teach wisdom.

Who is One Tribe? We are the people in your community who are waging war on the suffering and degradation of children everywhere. We provide a direct-action response that includes all aspects of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Group work, Supervision, Training and Consultancy… whatever it takes…

At ONE Tribe, we do not seek to offer strategies or skills for young people to cope with their trauma, we teach them to face their trauma with courage, so that they rise above it and in spite of it, roaring their stories for the world to hear.

That is who ONE Tribe is.

our safe space

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